2022 Presentation Night Award Recipients

2022 Presentation Night Award Recipients

Thank you to everyone who came to our Cameron Parker Best & Fairest Award night last night. For the first time ever, tickets to the night were sold out! With a fantastic atmosphere, it was a great way to end and celebrate the 2022 season!  Congratulations to all our award winners on the night:


Under 19s - 

Best & Fairest: Tom Murfett

Runner up Best & Fairest: Jacob Broad

Most Courageous: Lachie Stewart

Most Consistent: Noah Adkins

Redback Award: Jude Sanders

Best Finals Player: Luke Haddock

Players Player of the Year: Lachie Stewart


Netball - 

White team

Runner up Best & Fairest: Libby Adamson

Runner up Best & Fairest: Mikayla Cartwright

Best & Fairest: Nicole Stagg


Black team

Runner up Best & Fairest: Jemma Dykstra

Best & Fairest: Zoe Cant


Senior Womens -

Best & Fairest: Tiana Johnson

Runner up Best & Fairest: Zoe Cant

Most Courageous: Sam Callinan

Most Consistent: Georgia Fairbairn

Redback Award: Grace Ward

Players Player of the Year: Chrissy Lagos


Reserves - 

Best & Fairest: Shaun Lucas

Runner up Best & Fairest: Charlie George

Most Determined: Jaime Pope

Most Consistent: Luke Way

Redback Award: Tom Mortimer


Seniors - 

Best & Fairest: Mitch Jackson

Runner up Best & Fairest: Sam Wadley

Most Courageous: Zach Callinan

Most Consistent: Jimmy Parker

Redback Award: Jacob May

Best Finals Player: Tim Jones

Best First Year Player: Jett Latchford

Players Player of the Year: Mitch Heckley


Club Awards - 


Jim Cairns club person of the year: Geoff Brereton

Life Membership: Brendon Kane

Life Membership: Mark Cartwright

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