Call for nominations for end of season club awards and life membership

Call for nominations for end of season club awards and life membership

The committee have opened nominations for the following end of season club awards:

  • Jim Cairns Best Club person
  • Junior Club person of the year
  • Life membership

The requirements for each award are as follows:

Jim Cairns Best Club person

Otherwise known as the volunteer of the year, this award is reserved for a club member who goes above and beyond for the club during the season. Usually seeking minimal recognition, but supporting the club in a way that we could not do without.

Pictured is 2023 winner Jan Stagg. Jan served as the team manager of our senior women's team from 2020 to 2023, and was a pivotal member of senior women's program to ensure its success. 

The recipient of this award cannot be a committee member, life member, or previous winner. 

Junior Club person of the year

Like the Jim Cairns best club person, this award recognises a person under the age of 18 who volunteers and support the club. This award exists to reflect the great service of a young person giving back to the club in a big way. 

Pictured below is 2023 winner, Amelia Bartholomew. Amelia helped on gameday in the canteen, in the kitchen for Thursday night meals, and was a passionate supporter and helper for our senior women's team. 


Life membership 

Life membership is the highest honour a person can receive at the Ringwood Football & Netball Club, with 72 people having received the honour in the clubs 128 year history. 

Once a person is eligible for life membership, their nomination will be considered by the committee, with unanimous agreement required from the committee for admission as a life member. Eligibility for consideration as a life member does not guarantee admission. To meet non-playing eligibility requirement, a person must satisfy the following as per the club by-laws. 

2. Requirements:
2a. Non-Playing—
- a volunteer period at the club no less than 10 years. What is deemed to be volunteer period is to be determined by the committee; and 
- a minimum of two years serving on the club committee


Pictured below are 2023 non-playing life member inductees Gary Phillips and Georgia Davis.
Gary has been involved with the club for more than 20 years, serving various roles such as President, Committee Member, Team Manager and current treasurer. Georgia has also been involved in our club for more than 20 years. She has been a trainer, junior committee member, and supported our auskick. 
All nominations must be in writing with information on the nominees and sent to Jake Keogh at
Nominations must be put forward before July 31st. 
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